Oekofen Pellematic Touch Supervision

View and manage your oekofen boiler consumption with an elegant application
through gracefull graphics

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Control your OEKOFEN Boiler

It is not easy to set up your installation correctly because each house is different.

There are many adjustment boiler parameters

How do you know their impact, in terms of consumption / comfort, without a direct visualization of your Okofen installation ?

How to monitor the pellet consumption of your boiler?
How to anticipate a pellet order?

OkoVision is here for that !

Features details


Easy Install

OkoVision will "Learn" your Okofen installation


Automatic monthly and annual summary refreshed daily


Pellet consumption real-time calculation!


Graphic creation on demand


Automatic data boiler retrieval


Daily data visualization of your Okofen installation


Complete and secure configuration private space


OkoVision V1 is free

Made with Love

Is it really open source if it's not made with love?

And after ?

You will not be able to do without it !

Get started ! it's simple !

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